The Code of Quiet

We find that:

The most rapidly vanishing resources on Earth are Peace and Quiet. Our creation of noise deprives ourselves and others of Peace and Quiet.

We pledge to whenever possible:

  • Speak calmly rather than shout.
  • Use a lawn rake rather than a leaf blower.
  • Use a push mower rather than a power lawn mower.
  • Shoot a camera rather than a gun.
  • Walk or bike rather than drive a motor vehicle.
  • Ski or snowshoe rather than ride a snowmobile.
  • Sail rather than use a power boat
  • Paddle rather than use a jet-ski.
  • Observe and experience Earth's wonders firsthand rather than from an airplane or helicopter.

We pledge to support decisions that:

  • Favor nonmotorized uses of public lands, skies and waters.
  • Provide safe, nonmotorized alternative routes to public highways.
  • Favor public transportation over the proliferation of automobiles and asphalt.

This article published on July 07, 2011